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Westosha Central Athletics

Westosha Central High School


Westosha Central Athletics

Westosha Central High School

Westosha Central Athletics

Westosha Central High School

Westosha Central Athletics

Westosha Central High School

Westosha Central High School Alumni GO FALCONS!

Alumni News.

Alumni News

8.0 years ago

Hall of Fame Nomination

The Westosha Central High School Athletic Hall of Fame has been established to recognize alumni and staff who have excelled in one or more sport. The intent is to display the athletic accomplishments of people who have been instrumental in creating an excellent athletic tradition at Westosha Central High School. 


  • The athlete must be a graduate of Westosha Central High School and ten years have passed since graduating.
  • Outstanding achievement as a Central athlete.
  • Outstanding achievement at the local, state, or national level.
  • Outstanding achievement in any other athletic arena – Olympics, amateur festivals, or sports not offered at Westosha Central High School
  • Outstanding achievement beyond high school athletics – college career or professional athletics


  • The coach must have coached at Westosah Central High School as a head or assistant coach and must have conducted themselves in such a way as to reflect honor on the school.
  • At least five years have passed since last coaching at Westosha Central.
  • Won Conference, Regional, Sectional and State Championships while coaching.


  • Ten years must have been passed since graduating.
  • Achievement at the Conference, Regional, Sectional and State level
  • Distinction brought to Westosha Central Athletics.

Meritorious Service

  • The award will be given to the contributions the individual has made in the community and in the areas of sports for the Westosha Central High School.
  • It will include but not limited to participation as an official, organizer, Booster Club Officer, team manager, or donor.
  • Number of years in support of Westosha Central Athletics.
  • Overall commitment to the athletic programs at Westosha Central High School 


Use this form to nominate an individual you believe has had a significant impact on Westosha Central High School’s athletic program. The individual can be a coach, player, team, or a person for meritorious service.


Nominee’s Category (circle one)      Athlete          Coach          Meritorious Service          Team


Nominee’s Name or Team ____________________________________________________________________

Phone (_____) - _______ - __________

Address ______________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip _________________________________________________________

Graduation Year __________                                   Years Coached/Played ___________________________________

Email Address ______________________________________________________________________________


If Deceased: Name of spouse or closest living relative ____________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip _________________________________________________________

Phone (_____) - _______ - __________

Email Address ______________________________________________________________________________


Sport(s) and years lettered, coached, worked, or supported CHS Athletics:

1) __________________________________________________________     Year(s)

2)  __________________________________________________________     Year(s)

3)  __________________________________________________________     Year(s)

4)   __________________________________________________________    Year(s)

5)  __________________________________________________________     Year(s)

6) __________________________________________________________      Year(s)

7) __________________________________________________________      Year(s)

8) __________________________________________________________      Year(s)


Special honors (i.e. All-Conference, All-State, Captain, etc.):

1)  __________________________________________________________    Year(s)

2)   __________________________________________________________   Year(s)

3) __________________________________________________________     Year(s)

4) __________________________________________________________     Year(s)

5)  __________________________________________________________    Year(s)


Records that were set or hold:

1) __________________________________________________________   Year(s)

2) __________________________________________________________   Year(s)

3)__________________________________________________________    Year(s)

4) __________________________________________________________   Year(s)

5) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)


What were the records and honors of the Teams the nominee played on?


1) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)

2)  __________________________________________________________ Year(s)

3) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)

4)  __________________________________________________________ Year(s)                                                                           

List all collegiate athletic accomplishments:


1) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)

2) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)

3) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)

4) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)

5) __________________________________________________________  Year(s)


Describe why this nominee or team should be selected:









Mail Entry Forms To:

Westosha Central High School

Attn: Athletic Hall of Fame

24617 75th St.

Salem, WI 53168