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Westosha Central Athletics

Westosha Central High School

Westosha Central Athletics

Westosha Central High School

Westosha Central Athletics

Westosha Central High School

CHS Handbook

Extra-Curricular (Athletics and Activities) Handbook

Extra-curricular activities at Westosha Central High School are viewed as an addition to the regular curriculum and as such, they play an important role in the total development of an individual. Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege. Participants are expected and required to represent the ideals and principles of the Westosha Central High School District and/or the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association 12 months a year.  

Extra-Curricular Activity Definition

An extra-curricular activity at Westosha Central High School is any school sponsored activity which is not an academic class requirement that meets outside of the regular school day and has an identified advisor or coach. These include, but are not limited to: 

Plays and Dramatic Performances, Student Council, DECA, FBLA, All Athletic Teams, Forensics, Prom Court, Peer Helpers, and Homecoming Court.  

Code of Conduct Provisions 

1. The Activity Coordinator will address all extra-curricular activity violations that occur for participants within the clubs and activities, and the Athletic Director will address all violations that occur within the athletic department. Where a participant violates the extra-curricular code of conduct and is involved in a club or activity and athletics simultaneously, both the Activity and Athletic Director may oversee the eligibility process and enforcement.   

2. Coaches and advisors may establish additional rules and regulations dealing with transportation, lodging, attendance, and acceptable behavior of participants in their activity and will provide participants, parents, the Athletic Director and Activity Coordinator with such rules and regulations prior to the respective event. All coaches' and advisors' rules, regulations, and consequences must be consistent with the policies and procedures outlined in the extra-curricular code of conduct and coaches manual.  

3. When a participant admits to violating the school's extra-curricular code of conduct, the penalty will immediately be applied. If a student denies violating the code, the school must provide an opportunity for the participant to be heard prior to any penalty being enforced. When a students appeals a suspension, in accordance with the school's appeal procedure, the student is ineligible during the appeal process. 

         First, the athlete and parents appeal the decision to the District Administrator. Second, the athlete and           parents appeal the decision before the Appeal Board (Principal, District Administrator, Athletic Director           and two coaches). 

4. The date of the infraction is considered the date the school's administrator of the extra-curricular code of conduct becomes aware of and is able to enforce the rule violation. 

5. Consequences for inappropriate behavior(s) and rule violation(s) should reflect the seriousness of the behavior(s). For more serious violations including, but not limited to felony charges, the Principal or Superintendent may use his/her discretion to assign any consequence. Such consequences may include the inability to participate in extra-curricular activities.   

6. Regardless of the findings of the civil authorities, it is understood that extra-curricular participants' conduct is governed by school board policy and are expected to abide by school officials, who determine violations and implement consequences.  

7. Violations occurring when a participant is between seasons shall be enforced at the beginning of his/her next sport season or activity. 

8. In the event that an athlete who has an unfulfilled, partial, or full season suspension pending chooses to go out for a sport, the athlete must meet with the Athletic Director and coach to review the rules of the program. In order to satisfy the remaining suspension period, the athlete must practice with the team, attend and sit out the events or contests to finish the penalty. The athlete must contribute positively to the team and complete the season in good standing in order to clear all violations. If the athlete has to fulfill a season long suspension, he or she may not go out for a sport where cuts are made. Traditionally, these sports include volleyball, basketball, softball, and cheerleading. 

9. Being in violation of the extra-curricular code of conduct prohibits athletes from dressing for events or contests. 

10. All participants involved in extra-curricular activities are subject to random drug testing at any time during the course of the year. 

11. In accordance with WIAA policy, any code of conduct violation with occurs or is first known to have occurred after a school begins WIAA tournament series competition is immediately disqualified from competition for the remainder of the total tournament series in that sport. 

Code of Conduct Violations 

Article 1 Violations 

Extra-curricular participants will be suspended from participation for engaging in or being an accomplice to any illegal or criminal act. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

    1. The use or possession of alcohol or tobacco products/paraphernalia. Use or possession of tobacco or nicotine products (smoking and/or chewing, e-cigarettes, ehooka, possession, use or sale of Vape pens including any supplies related to Vape pens and/or vaping including but not limited to, e-liquids/juice (NON NICOTINE, NICOTINE or TCH oil/wax), atomizers, tanks, chargers )

    2. The use, possession or selling of illegal drugs/paraphernalia (including performance enhancing). 

    3. Disorderly conduct, vandalism, breaking and entering, stealing (including school uniforms and equipment), assault or attempted assault, possession of a weapon. 

    4. Misuse of social media - Students must remember that participating and competing in athletics or activities for Westosha Central High School is a privilege, not a right. The student represents his/her high school, and therefore, they are expected to portray themselves, their team, and their high school in a positive manner at all times. Any online posting must be consistent with federal and state laws, as well as team and school rules and regulations (included those listed below). 

  • Specifically prohibited behaviors include but are not limited to: 
    • Sexually explicit, profane, racial, lewd, indecent, illegal or defamatory 
    • Derogatory language regarding school personal or other students 
    • Comments designed to harass or bully students and/or school personal 
    • Nude, sexually-oriented, or indecent photos, image or altered pictures 

All Article I violations are cumulative during a student's high school career.   

Article I Consequence(s) 

Inability to be recognized for any postseason awards (All-Conference, All-County, District, State, etc.) during the season when the suspension was served. 

First Offense: Penalty Calculation Table and 20 hours of school service. 

Number of scheduled contests in your sport/activity 5 or less 6-10 11-15 16-20 20+
Number of scheduled contests of illegibility 2 4 6 8 10

Second Offense: Loss of competition/participation for one calendar year and 40 hours of school service. 

Third Offense: Referral to the Extra-Curricular Activity Board who will determine the consequence. The Activity Board would consist of one administrator, the athletic director or activity coordinator, and two coaches or advisors (who do not supervise in the sport or activity in which the student is a participant).

Article II Violations 

Extra-curricular participants will be suspended from participation or conduct contrary to the ideals, principles, and standards of Westosha Central High School and/or the WIAA. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

    1. Insubordination to his/her teachers, coaches, or advisors 

    2. Unexcused absences from practices, games, or activities 

    3. Truancy, unexcused and unverified absences from school 

    4. In school suspension (ISS) 

    5. Out of school suspension (OSS) 

All Article II violations accumulate until the participant completes one calendar year without an Article II violation. 

Article II Consequence(s) 

First Offense: One game or event suspension 

Second Offense: Two game or event suspension 

Third Offense: Penalty Calculation Table 

Number of scheduled contests in your sport/activity 5 or less 6-10 11-15 16-20 21+
Number of scheduled contests of ineligibility 2 4 6 8 10

Fourth Offense: 100% suspension of games or events for the season 

Fifth Offense: Loss of competition or participation for one calendar year 

Academic Eligibility 

A student must be enrolled in at least five classes each semester that meet daily. Exemptions to this rule will need Athletic Director review.

The following rules are used to determine academic eligibility. 

  1. Each semester, academic eligibility checks will begin the first Thursday following 20 school days and every Thursday after that until the end of the semester. 
  2. Students having grades of 70% or higher are academically eligible until the following week's grade check. 

For students having any grades lower than 70% and a cumulative GPA below a 3.25, the following will happen: 

  • An email will be sent to the student, parent and coach/advisor indicating the student is not academically eligible based on his/her score in the class(es). He/she will be considered ineligible starting the following Monday through Sunday. 

For students having any grades lower than 70% and a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher, the following will happen: 

  • Students will be required to attend a study table on the following Wednesday. Such study tables will run from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. on early release days or from 3 p.m. until 4 p.m. on regular bell days. 

Per WIAA Policy: Any student who fails at semester will be required to sit out 15 school days, unless the student passes a summer school class in place of the failing grade. 

Specific for fall sports starting before school begins: If a students has a failing grade from the previous semester grade report they will be ineligible to participate in an athletic event but can practice from the start of the season until either 21 days after the start of competition or 1/3 of the games have been played (See Chart). If at that time they are passing all of their classes, they may be reinstated and allowed full participation. If they are failing any classes at this check, they remain ineligible until passing all of their classes. 

Sport B. Soccer G. Volleyball B. Volleyball Football Cross County G. Golf G. Tennis
Minimum Ineligibility Period: 21 Days or 8 Games 5 Meet 5 Meets 3 Games 4 Meets 5 Meets 5 Meets

Changing Sports 

If a coach cuts a student from a team the student may tryout for another team or program in that sport season, provided that tryouts for the second sport have not been concluded. An athlete who quits one sport to join another (in-season) may do so, as long as the new coach agrees to accept the athlete and the previous coach give his/her blessing.  

Cut Policy 

In some sports, cutting down a team to manageable size is necessary. Each of Westosha's sports programs will have its own policy on choosing teams, but all sports should use these principles as determinates for squad retention: talent, ability, potential, attitude, attendance and discipline. Athletes should be reminded that they are evaluated on daily basis. 

Athletic Forms and Fees 

Students who choose to tryout and compete on an interscholastic team must have a current physical and all online forms on file BEFORE they are eligible to try out for a team.  Also, all athletes must pay a $35 athletic fee per season to compete in a sport. 

Practices: Vacations & School Closing 

All team members are expected to attend all practices and tryout days.  During all three sports seasons, practices are regularly scheduled during times when school is not in session.  Practice schedules are determined by the coaching staff and coaches’ decide playing time.  We strongly request that arrangements be made to ensure that athletes attend all practices and games during vacation periods.  It is understandable that athletes who practice or compete during this time will likely move ahead of those who were not present.  All athletes should be cognizant of their commitment to both their coaches and teammates. 

In the event school is canceled or has an early release due to inclement weather, all practices and sporting events will be canceled for the day. 

Written or verbal communication must be made with the head coach of the program by the athlete’s parent prior to any missed practices or games due to extra-ordinary circumstances.

It is also assumed that athletes will be diligent when it comes to honoring their commitment to attend practices and contests during times when school is in session.  The Athletic Department does not condone missing school under any circumstances except family emergencies.  


The School District of Westosha does NOT have a policy insuring students against accidents and injuries while participating in any student activities.  Every athlete should have private insurance in case of an accident or injury?


An athlete is responsible for each item of equipment issued to him/her.  Every piece of equipment issued to the athlete is recorded and inventoried. 

If you are found to have unauthorized equipment, it will be taken from you and disciplinary action may be taken. 

Please do not abuse your equipment.  Considerable money is expended to supply the best; we expect you to take pride in it.  Hang up equipment and see that it is exchanged and cleaned as directed.  Wear it ONLY at authorized Westosha Central contests or practices. 

Transportation Policy

Please be aware of the policies about transportation of student athletes to and from Westosha Central competitions. 

  1. Westosha Central provides transportation to and from all athletic contests and all athletes are required to utilize transportation.  Athletes may not participate in any away contest if they drive themselves to the event, or if they use alternate transportation without prior permission of the Athletic Director. 
  2. Most of our transportation is provided through Dousman Transport Company.  Westosha Central also uses rental and school vans.  Only coaches and salaried employees may drive vans, meeting the requirements established by the Board of Education. 
  3. Bus drivers are not allowed to stop at residential streets or make other intermediate stops to allow students to leave the bus because they might be closer to home.  Students are expected to ride the bus back to school.
  4. In extenuating circumstances, parents may need to drive their own child to or from a contest; coaches will require notification of such instances.  Such arrangements are not encouraged.
  5. If a student, again in extenuating circumstances, needs to ride with another student’s parents to or from a contest, a written request will be required and must be approved through the Athletic Director.  Such arrangements are not encouraged. 
  6. When traveling to away activities, athletes must remember that they represent CHS and should dress and act appropriately.  Coaches may direct athletes to what actions and dress requirements are expected. 


Daily attendance to school and practice is expected.  The Attendance Policy of Westosha Central High School as stated in the Student-Parent Handbook applies to all extra-curricular activities.  Students will attend all scheduled classes in the school day in which they participate in extra-curricular activities.  All students must arrive at school prior to 8:00 a.m. to either practice or compete that evening. If a student is absent and the following day there is no school, the athlete is excluded from competition (i.e. absent from school on Friday and there is a Saturday tournament).    

Death in a family, college visits, medical appointments, and other approved absences may be exempted, but prior permission must be given by the Athletic Director. 

Attendance Policy for Tournaments

If a Westosha Central High School athletic team is playing in a state tournament during school hours, the following rules apply:

  1. Students will be allowed to attend the event providing they leave school at the approved time.
  2. Students must have a written parent permission slip
  3. Students must be passing all subjects and have all teachers’ permission (e.g. no avoiding exams)
  4. Are transported and supervised at the contest by their parent/guardian or use the transportation provided by the school and is supervised by school personnel at the contest. 

Semester Transfers

  1. Westosha Central does not allow semester transfers to compete in varsity competition. 
  2. All transfers may practice with the varsity but are limited to activities that do not count for season or individual records. 
  3. Additionally, transfers who are not seniors may compete at the JV1 & JV2 level.
  4. Transfers must complete all WIAA requirements before being granted playing status in competitions.